Safari design

If one has never visited a country it is hard to judge how to get around. Many travel professionals are selling Tanzania but never had the opportunity to actually visit this beautiful country. Having lived and worked in Tanzania for 10 years, we know our way around and can identify easily the do's and dont's. In order to improve your customers sales skills we give trainings how to design the once in a lifetime itinerary for your customers and giving them tools how to convert an enquiry into an actual sale. 

Safari itinerary design

To design the perfect itinerary knowledge is good but creativity is essential. Very often an itinerary looks perfect at first sight but when it comes to conversion it seems that accommodations are not available, roads are blocked, park fees have increased. All things which can happen whilst travelling. 


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and by being creative you will be capable of offering the best to your customers.


Depending on your customers requirements we can built up a tailor made training containing various modules.

Our modules

Below are our modules. After a personal intake with your customer we can determine their demands and 

  • destination training
  • accommodation training
  • transportation training
  • activity training
  • culture training
  • safari itinerary design training
  • costing training
  • sales and upselling training
  • team building training (offsite only)
  • basic Swahili training

Trainings can be done on site (office) or offsite and different dates can be set

Stay ahead

To be a leader in your niche and to stay ahead in the travel industry, you need to be smart, be known for your expertise and most of all be the first to learn about new trends and developments. 


Since we are well connected in Tanzania we are capable of informing you on a frequent basis about what happens in Tanzania.


Always think big and you may possibly achieve bigger goals. We shall always assist you to stay ahead of your competitors.