Travel Marketing & sales

To be succesful in today's global digital marketplace it is of a great importance to work with a team that understands your product best. A personal approach is essential and we have the expertise and creative thinking to expose your brand and most importantly save costs. 

Product presentations

Very often your customers know where you are and what you offer but never had the chance to go into detail. The best way to make your travel agents succesful in selling your product is by giving personal product presentations rather than making them depend on your website content only. We can do that for you anywhere in the Europe. We speak our languages!


Contract negotiations

Everyone wants to receive your best available accommodation rates, however it takes a bit more than just a friendly smile. We will personally analize the requirements of your business partners to make contract negotiotions succesful which enables them and you to boost your business. We are there for you to close your deals.



Customer Relationship

A healthy relationship is always based on personal attention which is not really possible through, email or skype. Sometimes issues or problems are difficult to solve due to distance and require a more personal approach.  Therefore we strive to show our faces on behalf of you to . We can do this  on an annual basis, or as often as you want. This is your opportunity to get closer to your customers.